We get the best out of every surface.

With three blasting units in the fettling shop, we give castings a final polish. We can also achieve optimum inner surfaces on complex large-scale housings thanks to our accessible blasting unit.

Annealing/thermal treatment
We have the right solution if you require special material properties or a particularly low level of distortion for your components: with our annealing furnaces, we can anneal your castings in a ferritic or low tension process. Additional logistics and other partners are not necessary.

Base coats and paint is applied to castings following customer requests in our paint shop which was fully modernised in 2006. We can apply an immersion or spray coating as well as a final coating to mechanically processed components. 1K and 2K primers and paints are used. We offer red-brown and light grey as standard colours – other colour tones are possible upon customer request.
Cathodic dip painting, thick coat and other coating refinements can be carried out through external partners.

Material list

Machine list