A wide range of different products – but always the same quality.

In order to maintain constant material quality, our castings are guaranteed to have a high proportion of raw iron which we purchase from tried and tested partners. Our claim, as a foundry for customers, is to guarantee permanent, constant quality for our clients – whether dealing with individual parts or batch production.

We melt the following material qualities in grey and ductile iron castings:

EN-GJL-150GG 15
EN-GJL-200GG 20
EN-GJL-250GG 25
EN-GJL-300GG 30
EN-GJS-350-22-LTGGG 35.3
EN-GJS-400-18-LTGGG 40.3
EN-GJS-400-15GGG 40
EN-GJS-500-7GGG 50
EN-GJS-600-3GGG 60
EN-GJS-700-2GGG 70

(futher special materials available upon request)

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